How To Compost Kitchen Waste Quickly

Premix the brown and green material together. This will speed things up considerably since it will not take time for it to break down naturally.

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And all household kitchen waste should be put in a blender.

How to compost kitchen waste quickly. If you are not creating a lot of scraps or not emptying your container often you might want to consider keeping a sealed bowl or baggie in the refrigerator. The composting process needs plenty of air so all the microbes responsible can breathe. This will save counter and cabinet space and less chance for any smells because the food won t break down as quickly.

Here you have many choices including the age old method of simply burying kitchen waste in the garden called trench composting. Compost these separately excluding all light or drown them in a bucket of water for a few weeks until they re definitely dead then pour the resulting slop onto your heap. To help speed up the decomposition of food scraps an easy trick is to use your blender.

Speaking of size in a compost pile situation the material will decompose much faster in a large pile at least 3 square feet approximately 3 sq. Filling the compost bin. Shred as much yard debris as possible and keep kitchen scraps no larger than an inch 2 5 cm in diameter.

Tip 6 check out other composting methods. The way you layer the bin is one of the easiest fast ways to compost. Fruit and vegetable trimmings coffee grounds used paper napkins and icky meatless things from the back of the fridge can go straight into the ground provided they are covered by four inches 10cm of soil.

Mix the contents of the bucket one or two times per week to keep it aerated. A blender breaks down waste material into a slurry which can then be added to a larger garden bin or outdoor tumbler for a quicker rate of decay. Try to alternate the contents of your bucket into alternating layers of green matter kitchen waste and brown matter yard waste like dry leaves.

This will help add extra oxygen and speed up the decomposition process. Turning your compost really gets it cooking faster composting. Everything you put into your compost bin should be no larger than 1 2 inches in size.

Some like community gardens may even offer a swap program trading aged humus for your fresh kitchen waste. The four kitchen methods 1.

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