How To Whiten Teeth In Lightroom

An easy way to get started is by choosing the brush preset teeth whitening that lightroom offers. How to whiten teeth in lightroom.

How To Whiten Teeth In Adobe Lightroom Learn Lightroom Adobe Lightroom Lightroom

In this tutorial i teach you a little trick to whiten teeth in adobe lightroom classic cc.

How to whiten teeth in lightroom. Finally you are ready to start painting over the teeth with the brush which will apply the whitening effect where you paint. Temp 13 contrast 20 whites 9 and saturation 28. If you choose a large brush size then of course you will finish the whiten teeth in the lightroom much faster.

These settings will successfully whiten the teeth on your pictures. Start by going to the develop module within lightroom where most of your editing tools are. Be careful not to go too negative on the saturation or the teeth will turn grey.

Image by brian hatton photography. Lightroom s adjustment brush is a good tool for whitening teeth. Paint over the teeth with the brush.

One of the best things about using it is that the auto mask feature allows you to paint sloppily but keep the effect on the teeth automatically. Just make sure that when you paint the plus sign inside the brush stays on the teeth. Once the brush tool is activated click on the word to the right of effect scroll down the menu list until you get to teeth whiten.

Once you have your white balance set click on the brush icon which is the farthest right icon below the histogram in the top right side of your develop screen. This generally loads the lightroom preset right away although you can choose other options if you want to. Be gone coffee stained teeth.

Click your brush then use the drop down effect menu to select the teeth whitening function. As you do you will be able to see the immediate results of this approach to whitening teeth in lightroom. How to whiten teeth in lightroom.

To have a planned result you need to select the correct brush size. While there s no teeth whiteningpresetin the brush in the cloud based lightroom cc app you can whiten teeth in lightroom cc just as you would in classic use the brush set to positive exposure and negative saturation. To select it just click on the drop down menu located to the right of the word effect scroll down until you find the teeth whitening preset.

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