How To Compost Faster

Choose the nitrogen type of compost starter if your own compost consists mostly of carbon heavy elements like paper or dried leaves. 4 ways for composting wood chips faster 1 fertilizer shape of pile turning moisture by optimizing these four factors you ll be able to compost your wood chips faster.

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Add more kitchen scraps green lawn clippings manure or water.

How to compost faster. Chopping and shredding your composting ingredients. If there is one secret to making fast compost it is finely shredding the carbon rich ingredients such as fallen leaves hay straw paper and cardboard. Choose the microbe type of compost accelerator if you ve already included plenty of nitrogen in your own compost heap as going overboard with nitrogen can actually slow down the decomposition of your compost.

Five simple things that will speed up your composting process are. And all household kitchen waste should be put in a blender. Shredding increases the surface area that the compost microbes have to work on and provides a more even distribution of air and moisture among the materials.

Neglected compost piles tend to dry out. If you want to know how to make compost faster the key is to manage these five factors carefully. Smaller wood chips will compost faster if you have branches at home you need to process then we suggest investing in a powerful home wood chipper to make sure the chips come out as fine as possible.

And nothing will be breaking down. Sharpening the chipper blades will help keep your machine running efficiently. Keeping a proper moisture balance.

Paper dry leaves stuff like that. Then throw them back into the next heap. If your compost is too dry you ll be able to feel it.

Everything you put into your compost bin should be no larger than 1 2 inches in size. Premix the brown and green material together. Use a screen to separate compost that s crumbly and ready for the garden from these other materials.

Always using a proper mix of brown and green materials. This will speed things up considerably since it will not take time for it to break down naturally. Shredded sticks and other dried material like wood chips and corn stalks will help your compost develop quickly by aiding aeration but may not decompose completely themselves.

Adding microbes to the compost pile. Keeping a careful balance of carbon and nitrogen is one of the most important fast composting tips. Regularly moving the compost pile.

Don t wait for them to finish. Filling the compost bin. Lose oxygen which kills aerobic bacteria.

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