How To Compost Food Waste At Home

You can easily start by using a empty container you have at home or buy one at your local hardware or gardening shop. Why can t you compost.

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Grease and oils of any kind.

How to compost food waste at home. Even in the short amount of time we ve been composting here at sustainable jungle we. Helpful tools include pitchforks square point shovels or machetes and water hoses with a spray head. It uses a special inoculated bran to ferment kitchen waste into a rich liquid compost for your plants.

You should also avoid adding dairy products and greasy or oily foods to the compost. Waste is getting way out of hand. Egg shells crush well corn cobs and husks cobs breakdown very slowly meat or meat waste such as bones fat gristle skin etc.

Dairy products such as cheese butter cottage cheese yogurt cream cheese sour cream etc. The same goes for cooked grains like rice or barley. In terms of what to compost in an outdoor bin the epa recommends using equal parts greens food scraps and fresh grass clippings and browns yard material like dead leaves branches and.

Kitchen waste has a lot of water in it and this liquid is processed quickly. A closed bin is a better choice if you re worried about the way your compost pile will look or smell. Regular mixing or turning of the compost and some water will help maintain the compost.

Choose an outdoor space for your compost you ll need at least 3 square feet. As for cooked food waste remember the same rules as above. Make sure you leave out onion garlic and citrus fruit as it ll get too acidic and the worms will slow down.

The top section is for worms and food and the bottom section collects the liquid. Fish or fish waste. Urban areas alone send over 2 billion tons to landfills annually 25 50 of which could be composted instead like the 76 of food waste we throw away.

Composting could annually eliminate 475 pounds of waste per person making it a game changer for reducing landfill waste. You can also compost almost anything made of flour like noodles crackers or stale bread although sweet baked goods can attract ants. Layer the bottom of the container with soil.

Add your kitchen scraps to the top section. Step 4 initiate the composting process. Each time you add a layer of waste sprinkle it with bran flatten it down and leave it alone it might smell a bit pickly when you take the lid off otherwise it shouldn t bother you if it does then something has gone wrong.

Fruit and vegetable peels coffee grounds tea bags with the staples removed nutshells and crushed eggshells can all go in compost. Even eggshells can be included if you grind them up first since they provide a source of calcium. To maintain the dry waste and wet waste balance add food waste and wet waste at alternate levels in the bin.

However meat bones and fish scraps should not because they can attract pests to the compost pile. Select a dry shady spot near a water source for your compost pile or bin.

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