How To Compost Leaves

Gather leaves into a pile that s at least 4 ft 1 2 m by 3 ft 0 91 m. Mix the layers every two weeks and keep the pile moderately moist.

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How to compost leaves.

How to compost leaves. Even if that means regularly turning just the very top layers that don t freeze. Build up leaves around the sides and tops of bins to protect the pile from extreme cold. Next we add in a few 5 gallon buckets of fresh compost and a two or three more buckets of fresh green grass clippings.

How to compost leaves firstly shred or grind the leaves. As an example here is what we use in our fall leaf compost piles to get the working fast. Shredded leaves on the other hand break down quickly in a compost pile.

Turn the heap every three days. Mix four parts ground leaves with one part manure or other material liberally supplemented with nitrogen and one pound limestone. 2 shred those leaves.

Add extra nitrogen to your leaf compost. Once you start mixing in your leaves make sure you start slowly and continue to stir the pile. You can also add 1 cup 240 ml of nitrogen fertilizer.

We start our leaf compost piles with about a 3 x 3 x 3 pile of shredded leaves. Manure is the best nitrogen supplement and a mixture of five parts leaves to one part manure will certainly break down quickly. Depending upon the size of the compost pile that you re planning to create you ll need a large amount of leaves.

This will significantly speed up the composting process. According to ken thompson author of compost whose book i love for its straight forward info and humor these are useful categories to use when composting leaves. Shred leaves and mix with grass clippings or another source with a high level of nitrogen.

Fast composting of leaves starts with a layer 6 to 8 inches 15 to 20 5 cm thick of leaves with one inch 2 5 cm of soil and an inch 2 5 cm of manure or another green nitrogen source. Turn your pile as often as possible in the winter. Instead of in the compost bin use leaves as an insulator around your containers.

If you re in a hurry to learn how to compost leaves you can make compost out of leaves in as short a time as 15 days by following these easy steps. As leaves decay they tend to break down and shrink in size so an amount of leaves that looks huge at first may end up losing half its size over 6 months. Whole leaves take forever to decompose.

Keep fall compost piles to no more than 20 oak leaves to keep the acidity in check. If you don t have a shredder you can simply mow the leaves to collect them. Be sure to make the pile high because the leaves will provide insulation during the winter months.

There are two things you can do that will guarantee success in composing leaves. Good leaves those lower in lignin and higher is calcium and nitrogen includes ash cherry elm linden maple poplar and willow. If you want to make good compost from leaves fast then shredding is a must.

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