How To Trademark A Name And Logo In Florida

Benefits to a florida trademark. This might work well enough for you if you always use your name in conjunction with your logo.

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By registering your trademark in florida you prevent others using your name or design and provide yourself with positive enforcement powers within the state.

How to trademark a name and logo in florida. From how to trademark a name in florida all the way to trademark recycling in ocala florida trade terminal is the go to for just about any business. How much is it to trademark a name in florida. Don t let this happen to you.

Conveniently the trademark application contains an attachment with a list of classes. Helpful 0 not helpful 1. If you plan to do business only in one state you may wish to register your logo as a trademark only in that state by registering with the secretary of state s office.

The first step to getting a logo trademark is as you might expect to create your logo. By using the trademark symbol you notify other people that products they use are your property. Trademark registration section division of corporation p o.

A formal written request for the trademark office to conduct a search can be sent to. The steps to protecting your logo 1. Register your trademark in florida in order to protect your trademark only in this state.

Elements protected by trademark. The cost of filing the application will depend on the amount of classes you request in the application. When it comes time to create and trademark a logo for your company make sure it passes legal muster before you sign on the dotted line.

Moreover florida 495 111 is the statute that. If you want to protect your brand identity you have to register a trademark for your company name logos and slogans. You only own the trademark rights to the name and logo displayed together as a single unit.

Search the database on their website to ensure the trademark isn t already registered. The registration process is more expedited and at a lower price compared to federal registration second option. You may file a separate application for the name and for the logo or file an application for a composite trademark a design and words.

Box 6327 tallahassee fl 32314. Rendering trademark business names in florida as our specialty trade terminal has even availed a trademark for metals punta gorda facility in florida. Cancellation pdf owner s name change pdf used when the current owner has a new name.

Florida trademark service mark registration and use chapter 495 f s. Trademarks themselves are a good idea since the name or logo of a company can often be its most valuable asset. If another company tried to register your name as a trademark you might have a case to object.

Decide on your logo concept. Registration pdf renewal pdf assignment pdf transfers ownership from one owner to another. Florida statute reference booklet.

Register your trademark at the federal level all usa states. The search database is located under the document search link. However you will only be protected in florida.

The fee to register a mark in florida is 87 50 per class. But one thing is for certain.

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