How To Train A Puppy To Sit

How to train your puppy to sit keeping a treat in your hand move your hand in front of your dog and then up over their head at which point they should sit. Say sit as you bring your hand above your dog s eyes about two inches above his head.

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Teaching your new puppy to sit on command should be the first part of basic dog training.

How to train a puppy to sit. As soon as your dog s rear lands on the ground say yes. The instant he sits praise him and give him the treat. Hold the treat just above your dog s nose not too high or your dog might jump.

Repeat the process and gradually increase the time you. Once the dog is in the sit position the pushing stops and in some cases he will be rewarded with stroking. Move the treat back toward your dog s ears keeping it close to the head.

Sit is like an ambassador command that lays the groundwork for your pup s continued obedience training. Proper hand placement is important to training your dog to sit. In an obedience trial the sit stay command is required and a dog in the novice beginners competition.

It is also a great starter command that can help to refocus your pup if you think their attention is starting to drift. Allow the dog to follow the treat with their nose until their head goes so far back that they angle their back end down to try to reach it even further eventually touching their butt to the ground. When your dog looks up at the treat he should naturally sit.

Your dog s nose might turn up to follow the treat at first but most dogs will sit when the treat gets to a certain point. To get your dog to sit hold a treat in your hand then move the treat up and over the dog s head. Ensure that your puppy is standing on all fours.

Keeping the treat near your dog s nose move your hand in an arc over his head. Then raise your hand and let your dog follow the treat s progress by lifting their head and upturning their eyes. Teach your dog to sit in six steps.

A sit stay command just asks the dog to sit in place and extends butt floor contact time. Just hold the sit stay for one minute while other dogs do the same and you stand across the room from him. Take a dog treat in your hand and let them sniff it.

As the dog raises his head to follow the treat his bottom will go on the floor. How to train a puppy to sit stay. After a minute or two return with a yummy treat or words of praise.

Use a treat to entice them to sit. Trainers that use modelling to teach the sit usually press down on the dog s bottom whilst keeping the puppy s head up by maintaining tension or pulling up on his collar or lead. With your dog in a standing position hold a tasty treat near their nose.

Once your puppy is in close the door quietly and walk out of the room. If your dog is jumping your hand may be too high. At the same time they say the word sit.

Show your dog a small bite sized treat holding it just a little in front of his eyes slightly over his head.

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