How To Compost Grass Clippings

A 3 stage composting set up using grass clippings in a healthy compost pile in order to generate heat a compost pile requires a balanced mix of brown carbon rich and green nitrogen rich material. When i say mix i mean mix the two together rather than adding them in layers to your pile.

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The best way to turn compost is to use a shovel or pitchfork.

How to compost grass clippings. This will help distribute the green material evenly through the pile and will prevent the grass from forming a mat in the pile. Dig into the center of the pile and flip it over to an area directly next to the current heap. Alternatively you can allow the grass clippings to dry out.

Then spread a layer of shredded carbohydrate rich materials such as newspaper or sawdust over the surface. Grass clippings are a great addition to a compost pile they are rich in nitrogen that the microbial population uses as they decompose the organic matter. For example for every load of grass clippings you put in the composting area you will need to add the same amount of dry leaves.

As you turn move the stack incorporate the outer dry layers into the center of the pile. Initially you need to make a layer of grass cuttings about 20 cm in depth. Let grass clippings dry out for a couple of days before composting.

If your bin is stuffed full of grass clippings turn the pile use a compost aerator tool every few days for very fast results. Mix your grass clippings with a high carbon material such as shredded paper straw or shredded leaves. Instead when making compost with grass clippings make sure that you mix or turn the grass clippings into the pile.

Doing so will turn the grass cuttings brown in color therefore making the clippings a brown material. Fresh greens provide energy to microbes while brown material supplies proteins to them. You can even use an oat bran or anything you like if you have any stale cereal in the cupboard.

Dry leaves wood chips or straw need to be mixed in a 1 1 or 2 1 ratio with clippings to produce good compost and reduce odors. In other words improperly handled grass clippings in the compost heap can result in a putrid mucky mess. Always put a thick layer of course brown material at bottom of bin for aeration.

A small amount should be sufficient. If you want fast compost from your grass clippings turn the pile every few days. How to avoid problems composting grass clippings.

When adding clippings to the compost make very thin layers that is about a cm or a half inch thick.

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